our suppliers

our suppliers

we would love to tell you more about our lovely suppliers. our relationship with our suppliers is the most important aspect within our journey. we started working with most of them when we started the by-bar brand. we value these durable relationships and help each other the best we can and this results in our beautiful collections. we work with several suppliers and they all have their own specialty.


the story of by-bar started here in this beautiful country. in 2008 barbara visited india for the first time to start her own jewelry collection. now more than 10 years later we come here four times a year. we visit venkatamara jewels, which is the jewelry factory we have been working with since 2008, among others. they make leather accessories and re-used items but also woven items with beautiful embroidery.

barbara fell in love with this country years ago and her production team doesn’t blame her. this country is a great source of inspiration. whether you walk across a market or visit someones home you will be inspired by everything. whenever we are in india we are invited by the owners of ginni’s to eat a delicious meal. the people there treat us as family. and that’s what they are to us too, our by-bar family.


we have been coming here for a long time. almost since the beginning of by-bar. the same factories still make the most beautiful items for us. we value long-term partnerships. atilano, for example, helps us to make cool sweats with nice artwork and beautiful embroideries.

we love to work with the portuguese. they are very structured, keep us well informed and keep their appointments. but the best part is that we have been working with the same people since the start of our partnership. and that’s always a lot of fun. we love to eat pastel de natas and we usually stroll through the streets surrounded by beautiful port houses, looking for a good bottle of port to take home.


for the best knitting you have to be in italy and so that’s what we do. two or three times a year we go to italy and visit our friends at their several factories. they make the most beautiful cardigans and sweaters but also some of our woven styles.

we love to be there. their hospitality and friendship means to world to us. not to mention the passion and attention that italians have for fashion. there is always a little bit of chaos but we like it because we know it will always be fine. you can taste the real italian atmosphere. a fun fact; whenever we are there our friends of the agency franco frati always take us to delicious restaurants with the best desserts. they know us best.


we are a dutch brand and that means that we can’t live without denims. we know where to go for good quality and that’s turkey for sure. we take our responsibility very seriously and they help us to produce eco-denims. we love it! just like our cooperation.

additionally we also develop nice prints here in various beautiful canvases. we love istanbul. it is a very beautiful and cosmopolitan city with small streets full of inspiration. we like to go to our favorite restaurant the sunset grill and bar where you have a beautiful view of the city.

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