care instructions

taking care of your clothes

if you take good care of your clothes, you will also enjoy them longer. Read our tips on how to treat your garment below.

washing and drying

after wearing, let the garment air immediately on a hanger. prefer by an open window or outside. by this way all the odors disappear quickly and your clothes are nice and fresh again. hanging the garment in the bathroom while taking a shower (in a dry place) is also a good option (sort of dry cleaning).

hand wash
when washing by hand, it is important to rinse out the soap well. a temperature of maximum 30 degrees (hand warm) is warm enough to get your garment clean and fresh. use a small amount of clean soap (eg baby shampoo). wash in cold or lukewarm water, carefully rinse the soap from the item and squeeze out the excess water. do not wring. also iron carefully, use only the steam and place a towel/tea towel on the item.

machine wash
if you decide to wash your garment in the washing machine, always follow the washing instructions as stated in the label and in the leaflet of the washing instructions. also observe the following rules:

  • wash at low temperature (maximum 30 degrees)
  • use a good detergent
  • do not use too much detergent because your clothes will wear out faster
  • your clothes are better protected in a laundry bag
  • always wash clothes with beads or other embroideries in a laundry bag


remove pilling
pilling can arise when washing or wearing clothes. the woollier, hairier or more voluminous the fabric or knit, the greater the risk of pilling. this has nothing to do with the quality of the material, but with the property of the fabric or knit. we call this an inescapable property of woolly fabrics. Due to the woolly, voluminous effect of yarns used to knits, they will usually pill a bit. especially in places where the fabric rubs against each other. this is a normal process and fortunately can be well maintained by using a knit shaver.

Tips to avoid pilling as much as possible:

  • always check the care label in the garment first
  • use the wool wash program for machine washing
  • use a laundry bag for extra protection of the material.
  • never wash with sharp objects such as zippers or buckles
  • use a special wool detergent and let the garment dry flat.
  • let the clothes dry flat
  • never put the clothes in the dryer if necessary
  • iron lukewarm, without steam.


knitwear: let sweaters or cardigans dry flat, then fold them and stack them neatly on top of each other.
shirts and blouses: it is best to hang these items of clothing in a closet on good quality wooden hangers. this keeps the material wonderfully fresh and prevents the garment from wrinkling. do not hang clothes too close together in the closet. this makes it less likely to crease and air better.

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