Gift cards

A gift card of BY-BAR: The perfect gift for the fashionable woman!
The gift card includes the name of the sender, the name of the receiver and a personal message.

  • Order a BY-BAR gift card.  

How to use a gift card?

Did you get a BY-BAR gift card?
- Check whether the code consits of 16 (capital) letters and/or numbers.
- If this is not the case it could be a coupon code.

You can easily use this code at the website. 
Note: this gift card code is not valid in the retail shops and POP-UP stores.

Steps on how to use your gift card code:

Step 1: Log in to the webshop or create your personal account.
Step 2: Fill your shopping bag with your favorite BY-BAR items.
Step 3: Your shopping bag When you added all the items of your choice to your BY-BAR shopping bag, go to your shopping bag (stated at the right top of the page). If you wish, you can change the size of the clothes, the number of units you would like to order or delete an item from your shopping bag. After checking and possible changes click 'Proceed to checkout'.
Step 4: Personal date If you are logged in, please control your delivery - and invoices address in this stage.
Step 5: Choose a shipping and payment option..
Step 6: At this stage you can check your order and add your gift card code. Use the field  gift card code  to add your gift card code and then click add". If everything is correct please accept the terms and conditions. After accepting click 'Ordering'.
Step 7: Your order is placed. Your order will be processed as soon as possible. If you do not use the full amount of your gift card, this amount will remain on your gift card. This remaining amount can be used in the same way with the same code during your next order within the period of validity.

Do you want to order a gift card? Please click  here.