About BY-BAR

"As a purchaser I traveled all over the world. During spare time I visited local markets where I bought the nicest things. Back in Holland, my friends were enthusiastic about the items I found. Because of them, the idea came up to start my own business.

Living in Amsterdam, during my maternity leave of my first daughter, I started looking for suppliers. I found my first supplier from India, Pradeep, a small, local earring supplier. I payed him 400 euro's via the Western Union Bank for earrings while hoping I would actually receive them. The start of my business! Within several weeks I received the package without any problems. In no time, the earrings were sold out! Until today, Pradeep still is één one of the most important jewellery suppliers of BY-BAR!

In 2009, I quitted my job as a purchaser. I wanted to go fully for BY-BAR and spend all my time on it. I worked at home, the kitchen table was my office, the stock was in the basement and in the attic, and my husband was the warehouse chef;). When I got pregnant of our third child, the attic had to become a children's room so the stock had to move. The office and the stock of BY-BAR moved therefore to a garage nearby. By now, we are situated on the third location, a renovated shed, in the middle of Breda. Together with a great team, we are trying to handle the growth of the business.

Besides India, a big part of the production takes place in Italy and Portugal. Four times a year I visit all these suppliers in the different countries. The personal contact I have with those people is the most important factor of success for BY-BAR. We have a strong relationship and when I am on a business trip, I even visit them at their homes. We think together about new items, learn from each other, and when we are on the same wavelength, we create a beautiful product. They are proud when they see their produced items online.

I develop the collections myself. This is an organic, spontaneous process where I get very excited about!  If someone asks me.t ”how can you do that?”, I explain them it is like reading, once you can read; you read all the words you see automatically. I collect impressions every moment of the day and after a while they come back in my mind at the right time. Most inspiration i gather during traveling: the people, the environment and the crafts lie at the very heart of the collection. The BY-BAR collection are not dependent on trends; the items are rich and beautiful basics, which you can wear for longer than just one season.

I hope you will enjoy wearing the clothes as much as I enjoyed developing them!"

Barbara Brenninkmeijer handtekening             Barbara Brenninkmeijer